Five tips you must know on blog posting for local SEO Melbourne

More changes in marketing have taken place in the last couple of years than in the last five decades. Although, the result has not exactly depicted the applied efforts. Even after spending a huge amount of time and capital, many of the business owners are not pleased with the outcome. This had become a great source of learning. The research allowed to knowing where digital marketing has gone wrong and where it went on heights. Based on the researched data, here are some of the guidelines for local SEO Melbourne you must apply for growth.

Here, growth does not refer to just having more clicks on your website. Growth is more than the traffic. Without further ado, let us get straight into the tips and strategies.

First, a question goes to you, what is the simplest and the foremost step towards a better SEO?

Blog posting? The general answer would be posting blogs. But each day over 2 million blogs are posted. The answer to the above questions is certainly correct. However, while publishing a blog post, there are various things you need to ensure. You sure don’t want your blog to get lost nowhere in the search engine. So how you can take your blog right on the front page while your keyword is searched?

Blogging Tips

Following points are the answers to it:

  1. What you want to be known for is your Keyword.When one starts creating the blog, this is the first to on the checklist. Making sure you are using the utmost suitable keyword is a priority. Keyword density plays a prominent role as well. Using the sufficient amount of keyword in the blog post will increase the prospect of your blog’s better optimization.
  2. Title: Why would the viewer want to click on your site? Give them the reason in your title!Whether or not the viewer will click your site is extremely important. The title of your blog will let your viewer make this vital decision. A good title contains two factors. First, it has to be SEO friendly which means the title must contain the keyword in it. Second of all, it must be persuasive for the readers. Lastly, your title needs to descriptive and not abstract. The example below elaborates the three factors for the keyword ‘hair product’.Bad title: What are hair products?
    Good title: 5 things you must know about hair products before using them

    The first title does contain the keyword. However, if you are putting the question in the title, then make sure the answer is what readers would not know. Also, there was a lack of description in the title. While the good title has the enough description, keyword and convincing to be clicked.

    Remember, to not use vague titles as it may cause bounce rate.

  3. Word length (Quantity):The popular question among the bloggers is that how long should the blog be? Well, the answers may vary as per the aim of your blog. Different the aims, different the word length. If you are looking for more SEO then longer the blog, the more SEO. Along, with the quantity, one has to create a great quality content. That is what our next factor is. We sum up this point by saying the longer, the better.
  4. Relevance (Quality): If the reader is not engaged in reading about your post then there are high chances for him to leave your site. Therefore, you have to give your best information available and make the content unique and descriptive.In this fast pace world, online readers don’t scrutinize often. Most just scroll through and collect the highlights. So the blog should be according to the audience.Qualities of a good content:
    • Attractive titles
    • Informative content
    • Easier to understand paragraphs
    • Bullet list to drag the readers’ mind
    • Takeaways (So people would not have to scrutinize the whole blog for any information and can rely on your conclusion).

    These are the general qualities for an SEO friendly good quality content. Give your readers new and reliable information to let them visit you again and be a frequenter.

  5. Good Links are SEO’s best friend!Links are very important. You cannot take the risk of having bad links on your site as it gives rise to many other problems. Read on how to get rid of bad links.

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