Local Seo Services Melbourne: How to Ensure That Your Site is Mobile Friendly?

Google’s webmaster trend has confirmed that changes have been made to Google’s mobile-friendly rank signal, and it rolled out.

Since the update of Mobilegeddon that took place on 21 April 2015, mobile friendliness has been significantly listed in the Google search results. Changes are made in the algorithm two months before so that users find it easy to optimize relevantly and high-quality search results for mobile devices.

Google has affirmed and re-affirmed, being committed to be mobile friendly over a period to distinguish websites that are adapted for mobile. Local SEO services Melbourne reveals that necessary changes like user-friendly URLs on the mobile search result page expanded site links and accelerated mobile pages are made to offer an ultra-fast mobile experience to the users.

1 Professional SEO Services since 2007. Get Started TodayHere is the checklist that you should do or avoid to get the best mobile oriented result:

  • Don’t use Flash

Most mobile browsers do not render Flash content, so it is important to create a mobile friendly site that does not use Flash. Use modern web technologies for displaying your page content, animations, and navigation.

  • Ensure that your view port is set correctly

A viewpoint is a type of Meta tag that gives instructions to the browser to adjust page dimensions and scales it to different width of the device.  It should appear in the head of your web page. If there were no viewport tag, the mobile browsers would render the page at the width of the desktop screen. Set a fixed width for viewport to suit mobile screen size. However, it won’t be perfect for all types of device and Google doesn’t find it to be mobile friendly.

  • Use large font

If you have configured your viewport correctly, the font size can be scaled according to the device of users, but Google makes additional recommendations for the font. Use a base font size of 14- 16 pixels or any other size-keeping a baseline in mind. The vertical space between the lines should be 1.2 cm. Avoid using different font styles and size or it may lead to messy and complicated page layout.

  • Space out links and buttons

Links and buttons (tap targets) are hard to press on mobile devices than on a desktop browser as fingers are wider and less accurate compared to the mouse cursor. Google would penalize any page where tap targets are small and close together for the proper pressure.

  • Do not use full-screen pop-ups

Big screen pop-ups and overlays (interstitial) like a sign-up form or app promotion can be disruptive on any mobile device. Attention grabbing pop up seems to be good from a business point of view, and Google recognizes these interfaces with experience browsing a site on mobile and penalizes such sites for use.

Local SEO services Melbourne recommends using the banner or implementing app indexing to allow content from your app to appear in the search results. It is an effective method of promotion.

Google has strengthened its mobile friendly ranking with the latest update, and it is important for all the webmasters to have a site that meets these standards.

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