Combination of Email and Social Media

When it comes to online marketing; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social networking sites play an important role. It’s really difficult to manage all channels at once. If we consider Email and social media as a part of one huge integrated marketing channel then this will help to derive desired results that too with less hard work.

Content must be shared on various social media platforms and every channel must be used to get maximum traffic thus creating one unique channel.

How to increase contacts?

Very few internet marketers are aware about Twitter cards because these are not heavily promoted. These are lead generation cards which are useful in increasing email sign ups from Twitter Page and this card can be added to any current social media marketing campaign going on in order to particularly target certain relevant demographic.

It’s very simple like a tweet and is very easy to create. So, next time try these twitter cards and increase as many contacts as you wish to.

Networking: Building Your Contacts in New, More Effective Ways

Using Existing contact list to get more followers on Twitter:

Be it any email service provider like Yahoo!, Gmail etc, the existing email contact list can be used to increase twitter following. The most engaged email recipients can be added to twitter and they can be given opportunity to become brand ambassadors.

On the other hand, it’s also possible that less active email recipients can be easily engaged on twitter and these are the ones who prefer twitter the most. To add the list, select discover tab and there you will get an option saying “Find Friends”.

Then select “Manage Contacts” with an option to add a CSV file that contains desired email contacts.

Create a Social Email Campaign:

Send a reminder email to your subscribers of social media channels and for this a dedicated email campaign which promotes social media channels as well as increases its value must be developed. It should have simple design and distinguished the offers for every channel. Follow their twitter updates as well as Instagram pictures.

Stay updated about Social Conversations:

Several monitoring tools like Buffer must be used to stay updated about the recent social conversations and how they are using the product. Always try to refer to the basics and make most use of Facebook Audience Insights as well as Twitter’s Analytics Manager.

Using Facebook Audience Insights reveals that primary Facebook audience is between 25- 34 years old. Consumers between the age 25 -34 are more likely to use internet via mobile devices and so emails having click to share buttons make it easy to share blog posts on Facebook.

Allow consumers to know you properly:

Every customer may not get engaged quickly with the email content, give them sufficient time to choose how they wish to interact with you and this will help to get renowned with stronger brand loyalty.

Develop a preference centre which permits the customers to select how frequently they want to receive updates and notifications via emails. Social media is one of the ways to remove the gap of silence. Be it Facebook or Twitter, retargeting campaigns must be used to attract the customers.

Retargeting ads can be set up on Facebook using Ads Manager. Here’s the simple process to do so:

    • Go to Ads Manager
    • On the right hand side, select Audiences
    • Then select “create custom Audience” to upload the list of desired contacts.
    • Keep your contact list ready for upload and then either copy paste it or upload it as per the convenience.
    • Finally create the desired campaign.

The similar process is applicable for Twitter as well.

Wind Up:

Hope these techniques will help you to develop a perfect plan for marketing your business by integrating social media and email marketing in a proper manner. To know more about such social media marketing plans, stay in touch with Platinum SEO, well known SEO Company Melbourne.