What do Website Rankings Reveal?

We definitely love to see who is visiting our website, from where; number of visitors etc and the most important thing we like is to see the rankings of our keywords. Sometimes, it’s fun to track keyword rankings and sometimes it becomes frustrating only when we see them getting dropped.

Times are such that we keep looking at these ranking reports and forget to live our lives. It is similar to the addiction of using social media sites to see updates, likes, messages, notifications etc. These rankings have something to tell us and we often fail to understand them.


So, let’s identify what message rankings want to convey.

    • Rankings show search engine interpretation:
      When we see that certain types of phrases constantly get good rankings. It depicts the way search engines define some relevant concepts. For instance, if any website concentrates more on specific keywords then it indicates that those are the particular topics for which a site can be blindly trusted upon.Apart from this, if any theme is important for the website then one can focus on it by creating content, links and other digital assets to imply authority to that particular topic resulting which a site can strengthen its position.For top ranking websites, perception matters. For any particular keyword or phrase or let’s say theme if any website has strong Google rankings then it can influence others regarding the website’s authority. The influence can be extended through press releases, social media interactions and print materials.Certain promotions create curiosity in visitors to search for the particular keyword in Google. This means advertisements are so tempting that people are forced to search about that particular keyword.In short, ranking phrases determine the relevance of the business with the words used to search any particular business. If any business is lacking the rankings in its area of expertise then it is an alarm to create more ways in order to boost rankings.
    • Need of new content:
      Analyzing the keyword report can help to focus on areas that need good content. This can be either to increase rankings, develop authority with the use of relevant keywords wherever it is lacking. This also shows an incomplete user experience on the website.If any site gets top ranking on Google due to any particular keyword, it is purely the result of various on page as well as off page factors used to determine the pages that can provide useful information to the visitors while searching for any particular content.Many times, a page that is ranked due to keywords may not be the best page or perfect to the need of users. In order to avoid such situations, it is recommended to properly present the information on the pages that have good rankings and also serve detailed information to the visitors.
  • Ranking study can give deep insight about Competitors: 
    When one studies the page rank report, the person is also aware of its competitors as well as new SEO strategies. Certain competitors only use some specific keywords and sometimes appear together in SERPs for various different searches.More keyword rankings may suggest the increase in additional business. Evaluating the scope of rankings can also show whether the website will be able to beat competition or not or they need to be co cited. In case, any website has poor rankings then such sites need more work done such as linking to relevant or similar websites, advancing content comprehensiveness and sending signals of relevance to the search engines.

Wind up:

If we closing examine the rankings, we can easily know the areas of improvement in our website and then it becomes easy to mould any website so as to get more rankings. Any expert SEO Company like Platinum SEO can help to maximize rankings by various result oriented strategies.