Web Design Company Adelaide Says Even The Smallest Businesses Need A Website

If you are reading this post, there are chances that you are a business owner and are curious about setting up a site.

Should you invest in setting a new website? Here Web Design Company Adelaide has penned down some reasons for every small business to set up a website.

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  • Online brochure

A website for your business is the same as having a brochure that is available for public 24*7. Would you print a bunch of brochures and hang it on the front doors of homes without knowing if that individual is even interested in your product or service? Or would you display your brochure to someone who is actually looking for the product or service you are offering? A website provides information to all those who are available to them all day and every day.

  • Instant credibility

Instant credibility means lack of credibility. People who look for online products and service expect to learn more about the business before contacting anyone. They look for the information you provide on your site and reviews from others who used it in the past. If you need a personal injury attorney and went to Google to research, which would you contact? The attorney with a complete website with all essential information or an attorney who has his or her name and phone number registered in the online directory.

  • The new world’s yellow pages

Yellow pages are the paper books that you receive is relevant. It is a necessity for business owners to be listed in a yellow pages book because when people hire a local business for service, they look at the yellow pages for contacts. Trust us, people acts no different for searching someone to hire. However, now instead of opening Yellow Pages directory, they have switched to Google.

  • Stay relevant

Printed material is often expensive and outdated. Web Design Company Adelaide focuses on having a website that allows you to update information without bothering about your location. The updating content of your site is relevant in the industry and is as easy as editing text with Microsoft word.

  • Marketing and advertising

Apart from simply looking at the search results, you may use your website for better marketing opportunities. If you are advertising or introducing some new service for the first time to the customers, you may create a specific landing page on your site. This is done so that when people see or hear about your ad, they visit the landing page and read the information you want to give. It is very effective for running ads on Facebook, local radio or printed material.

  • Professional appeal

Having your own site and domain name means that you have an email id that reflects your business. It looks very professional.  You may love using Gmail or yahoo mail id, however, a company email id looks much better.

  • Appeal more customers

Today, most people use the internet. Google’s research into local search reveals that local searchers are more likely to take action. According to the findings, about 50% consumers who made a local search on their smartphone visited the store within a day and 34% consumers of computer or tablet did the same. Ranking in local search has an immediate impact on in- store traffic.

For more web inspiration, check out sites developed by Web Design Company Adelaide. If you like, set up a free consultation with Platinum SEO experts.