How Changes of Google are affecting SEO Melbourne?

Is Google’s relationship with the SEOs and publishers deteriorating? Google’s actions towards publishers and digital marketing industry are matters of concern. SEO Melbourne has become less transparent with the publishers over past some years, and it has become uneasy.

Google Transparency

Google transparency

There is a bone of content for Google and SEO community. The belief of some people is that Google hates SEO while others think that they need SEO community, as they cannot control the product. No matter what the results would be, the product is a website.

If the websites returned by Google is not relevant, people do not Google to find it. The SEO industry gives Google a direct way of affecting the quality by communicating all the rules to the publishers. They have announced changes to consider the possibility as they care less about transparency now. The average site owners never understand the complexities of a real site without SEO Melbourne.

Transparency effect of Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts has misdirected the industry, and others think that they need to understand Matt Speak. Advance notice of changes was given. Publishers were informed to update changes to algorithms and guidelines. Google then released Hummingbird, its entity focused algorithm. The company is now relying more on Al and less on human beings. Quality outside micro-moments like time, direction and reviews were lacking these days. An organic search is often inaccurate and convoluted. Google has gone deep into a black box, and a little transparency is offered.

Dangerous position

Sites are now looking for less and less Google organic traffic and more traffic they may control. Traffic relies more heavily on social networking sites, and none of these are buying ads.

SEO is dead now because Google does not have any natural results. It adds more ads, carousels and knowledge graph panels. Google needs organic users to sell ads and publishers need to care about the rankings. The publishers that Google depends on do not care about meeting the deadlines. Algorithms attack all aspects of web presence, and editors are uncertain about the water. Diversification is the biggest driver of decreasing dependence on this platform. Optimization of commercial, competitive queries has become much more challenging, and overall ad space has reduced now.

There are many valid reasons for SEO Melbourne to care about organic search. Lack of transparency at Google is making this terrible. If you are at commercial space, your job is much tougher.