Ten Ways by Which SEO Perth Improves Your Google Ranking

Even if you have a beautifully designed website and a stunning portfolio, you will not be able to make the most of it if you lack SEO i.e. Search engine optimization.

Google, Yahoo and Bing are very objective in their approach when it comes to things like ALT tag, site map, and keywords. It is very important to understand these things to improve the site result says SEO Perth.

The advanced a site appears in the search engine; the more will be the number of visitors of the page. There are many ways of improving your page ranking without submitting paid schemes offered by the search engines.

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Here are important ways of increasing your site’s ranking

  • Page title

The title tag is used for displaying pages in the search engine and making it appear at the top of the browser. Such tags tell users that your page is all about. Google shows about 50 – 60 characters in the title tag and it is important to keep descriptions short, relevant and compelling to the users. Keywords and topic should be toward the front of the page.

  • Keywords

The most important SEO tactics are the placement of the keyword throughout your site. Consider how someone would search information about your service or product you are offering. Use best the keywords for this and make sure that you do not add numbers of keywords, especially if they are unrelated to the topic. Search engine spider is used for ignoring keyword stuffing.

  • ALT Tags

Each image and video on your site should have descriptive words for adding to its imprint. Such words are called alternative text descriptions. These are used to allow search engines to locate pages using keywords in your image, video descriptions and text throughout the site. It increases the opportunity for finding your site and raises its page ranking.

  • Site map

A sitemap is a page that is used specifically for listing and creating links to major pages of your site. It allows search spiders to locate the pages quickly and with more relevant search results in question. Every page becomes easy to find with both spiders and users and can be used for getting significantly less number of clicks.

  • Mobile Site

About 40% organic traffic comes from mobile devices and websites with mobile friendly interface rank higher in the search results. Google is trying to offer better user experience on your site for better ranking.

  • Don’t Use Flash

Many small businesses run their site using Flash as it is easy to launch and is cheap too. Google ranks, flash sites lower than the sites that run on the alternative platform because you cannot link to individual pages. By changing your flash based site to WordPress, you can increase your search engine rankings greatly.

  • Regularly update content

Regularly updated content is the best indicator of site’s relevancy. So make sure to keep it fresh.

  • Structure of URL

A URL is the first thing that a search engine uses to determine page ranking, hence, it is important to make it easy for spiders to search. This can be done successfully by keeping the URL short, relevant to the topic and keywords of the page and categorizing the pages of the site.

Platinum SEO suggests having organic and quality inbound links to your site. Google ranks reliability and relevance of site as recommended by the third party says – SEO Perth. Therefore, it is essential to monitor the growing links to derive great results.