SEO Tips for Business Blog

When it comes to SEO, most of the marketing strategies depend on content creation. Based on the “B2B Content Marketing” report, 70% of B2B marketers distribute more content as compared to the previous year.

Some sources indicate that blogging is one of the most effective techniques and this will remain same forever. Several marketers focus mainly on blogging as it increases the revenue by 13 times. Daily blogging can lead to certain benefits like as generating leads, increasing brand awareness as well as authority and create an active community.

Hence, in order to make most use of the blog, it must be developed in such a manner that it is worth reading as well as get optimized properly for SEO. Here, in this blog we will show you the proper implementation of SEO tips as well tricks and make maximum use of company blog.

Ways to implement SEO tips to make blog effective:

  1. Use a long tailed keyword for every post: Every single blog post must be optimized only for a single keyword. Yes, you may get innumerable types of phrases for every blog. Hence, it is recommended to use long tail keywords due to its compelling advantage.Because 70% of traffic lies in using long tail keywords. Below mentioned is the search demand curve that will show how long tail keywords can increase traffic:
    7 Highly Effective SEO Tips for Bloggers | Sprout Social
    Long tail keywords are very less competitive as compared to those of normal keywords as well as phrases. Your website can get relevant visitors who can get converted in a proper manner.The best results can be achieved if different head keywords are used along with long tail keywords. Here, Google’s keyword tool can be useful to find out perfect long tail phrases as it has the average monthly searches for the head keywords as well as its long tail variations.
  2. Place your keywords in a proper manner: Improper keyword placement will not lead to maximum traffic. If you wish to increase the effectiveness of your content then it is necessary to place them in proper manner.It means it should not look like you have used keywords separately. You must use them in a proper manner along with the flow of content writing. Here, you will get the best results:
    • Make use of keywords in permalinks as this make it easy for search engines to understand your text completely and know the article topic in a very apt manner.
    • A title helps the reader to get a proper idea about the content and it is the perfect place to concentrate on your phrase. The title should be within 70 characters.
    • Meta description must reflect your content and include search terms. It is easily exposed in search results and it can help the audience to know the topic.
    • It is necessary that your keyword appears naturally in the body of the content. Make sure you don’t use any phrases in excess as then you may get penalized for keyword stuffing.
    • Keep keyword density in check and keyword density means the ratio of keywords to content in any page. If you wish to make your content easy to read then make sure to have a perfect density for keywords.
  3. Make sure to optimize the visual content in an effective way: Visual content must be properly optimized and hence the images must add proper value to the content, explain your images properly and make them easy to find them for search engines.Identify your functional needs and the select the one among universally accepted formats. We can say that JPEG is recommended for photographs, screenshots and images with gradients as it supports 24 bit color format that captures the sharp details as well as mild variations in hues.GIF is a very small palette which works very well for illustrations, colourful logos, line arts as well as animations.PNG can be used when one needs to preserve proper images however it needs more space as compared to other two formats. So, JPEG is more preferable than PNG.

Wind up:

So, with these tips we are sure you will be easily able to optimize your blogs for SEO. For any further assistance, feel free to get in touch with Platinum SEO, SEO Professionals in Melbourne.