SEO Brisbane Says an Appropriate Title & Length of Description for Google is Important!!

SEO Brisbane experts say – if you have not given any title and Meta tag descriptions for your content of late, it might be good to be delayed.

You can find many new titles and the length of description in the Google search results. Recently, Google has increased the width of search results for all the users. However, it may roll back anytime soon or later. The experts reveal that the space used earlier for making organic search results was 500 pixels, but it is 600 pixels width now.

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The 2 things that are considered for the best outcome from the search engine are:


  • The length of a new title should be at least 70 characters before Google truncates the title with ellipses. An increase in 10 – 15 characters seems to be significant. It may go up to 71 characters, and it depends on letters used because I and i are small characters.
  • An additional 2- 4 words may be added to the title tag, and it mainly depends on the length of words needed. The sites that are happy with title tags can add their site name to the end.
  • The platinumseo professionals show how with any change in SEO can monitor CTR of old titles against the new ones. Many outside factors affect the CTR; it includes in some results. Each organic search result would be higher on the page, and some may fold it.

Below are some examples of titles:

  • Payday loans that need fast approvals
  • Check cashing payday loan ranges anywhere from $ 50 to $ 1000. As a direct lender, it has become easy to get much-needed cash in the fastest way.
  • Apply for credit cards and get amazing offers on application
  • Explore credit card offers from Chase. Get cash back credit card, reward credit card, travel credit card and business credit card. Apply for credit cards now.


Descriptions have also increased by 16 – 20 characters per line. The new description per line is about 100 characters. Google truncated descriptions in the search results. The overall description shows 150 – 160 characters now for 2 line snippet.

Here is an example of description:

  • Disneyland, California Park is the land of enchantment where children and young people find their dreams coming true.
  • Descriptions that are over 100 characters or less show single description line in the search results. Pay close attention to this and reduce your footprint results in the search results. For three line snippets, you can find about 278 characters in every line. New changes would make it look nice for SEO as it struggles within the title constraints and about 10 – 15 characters should be used for the title.
  • Google would adjust the search results to allow longer descriptions instead of using the half line space when compared to the first line. It may soon roll back the changes in the search results width and the character count would vary for non-English character language says the SEO Brisbane experts.

Platinum SEO suggests having short but sweet search result, under 100 characters only may give an adequate output.