Learn About SEO Melbourne in Four Simple Steps:

If you are one who spends a lot of time on the internet, then the term ‘SEO’ is a must-known word for you. Or else, if you are into business, small scale or large scale doesn’t matter though, you ought to learn about SEO-Search engine optimization. Here we have a simple few paragraphs that explain how SEO Melbourne works all over the world.

Learn SEO Melbourne

SEO- Meaning and purpose:

Search engine optimisation, also known as SEO in short, is a process through which a website is ranked high in the search result page. Sounds confusing! Let us bring it further down.

If we need to know or get anything online, sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo take our queries and get the desired results. These sites are called Search Engines and the websites which hold relevant information are called Search Result Pages.

Have you ever thought about how the search engine brings websites that hold information relevant to your queries? Or, did you ever notice how these websites are ranked in search result page and on what priority?

There are certain techniques and tactics to prioritise these result pages and this process is called Search Engine Optimization.

Create visibility in SEO:

The Internet has become a great market to sell your products or services. In order to make people to know about your business and to look forward to it, one needs to count on search engine optimization.

By knowing how to optimize the search engine, you can position your website on top ranks in the search result page. At the same time, the website should also be built in a way to avoid site trafficking when more people visit your website simultaneously.

Next few paragraphs will let you know how to build a website according to SEO.

Search Algorithm:

When you build your business website, you must have a few things in your mind which will fetch you a good ranking in SEO.

Words: When constructing a webpage, the content we use matters a lot in SEO. In fact, it is not the content, it is words we use in our contents. Think about words people could use to search for your products or services. Give high priority to those words in your content. Please ensure to use simple language for keywords than complex, technical language.


Words used in titles are also considered for better SEO because title usually summaries your information on the webpage. So high light similar keywords in your titles as well.


When a website has links to other websites, it has a high score in SEO. But creating fake links will eventually get a low score to your website and thus impact your site rank on search result page.

Words in links:

Though links are not visible, as it is converted into code, words used in links have equal importance as that of other keywords on the page. So usages of similar high lighting words in the links are a must.


Websites with a lot of web pages which have fresh and useful information and reliable links will get high recommendations on SEO. This high-quality content will create a good reputation for your site on SEO.

Sharing and linking:

The more your content or information on your webpage is shared or linked to other sites on the internet, the higher the rank your website will get in SEO. So, write quality and informative content and also design your webpage in such a way to link or share easily.

When all these discussed points seem to be useful to you yet finding it difficult to implement, Platinum SEO Melbourne will take care of your complete online marketing from designing and building your website to your sites ranks in SEO.